Contributor: Sara Savage

Sara was editor of Assemble Papers from late 2015 until mid-2017. Originally from New Zealand, she has spent significant time living and working in Singapore and New York. She also leads a (not-so-)secret double life as a DJ and radio broadcaster, and presents the arts, culture, science and design show Parallel Lines every Wednesday (9am–midday) on Triple R 102.7 FM.

What’s in a Map? Greening Bourj Al Shamali

The Greening Bourj Al Shamali initiative aims to green and improve the living conditions in the Bourj Al Shamali refugee camp in Lebanon, a theoretically temporary Palestinian refugee camp that's now a 60-year-old informal urban environment, densely built and without green spaces. Sara Savage speaks to the team behind the initiative about 'balloon mapping' the camp in the name of self-determination.

This is the Future: EXIT

Based on a prompt by French philosopher and urbanist Paul Virilio, EXIT (2008–15) is an experimental 360-degree installation created by Diller Scofidio + Renfro with a team of statisticians, scientists and geographers. Sara Savage speaks with Fondation Cartier curator Thomas Delamarre about working at the intersection of art and data, and about the role of cultural institutions in effecting change.

Culture & Capital: Liberate Tate

Liberate Tate is an activist art collective, formed shortly after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, that spent six long years campaigning British cultural institution Tate to drop its oil company funding through a series of nearly 20 unsanctioned performances, interventions and protests. Sara Savage speaks to co-founder Mel Evans about 'Big Oil', ethical sponsorship and the power of performance.

AP print issue #7: In/formation

The 7th print issue of Assemble Papers, 'In/formation', considers activism, collective action and the power of people in the information age. (The Beyonce reference in this issue's title is a happy accident.) Here, AP editor Sara Savage explains some of the thinking behind this issue, published in partnership with CLIMARTE, the clever folks behind the biennial ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE festival.

People Power: Saving Sirius

In this special This Vertical Life feature, Assemble Papers editor Sara Savage meets some of the remaining residents at the Sirius public housing building in Sydney, who for the last three years has been fighting the NSW government's decision to sell the building (as well as hundreds of other properties in the wider Millers Point area) to make way for luxury apartments.

AP Print Issue #6: Future Local

"There’s a reason why journalist and urban activist Jane Jacobs’s reflections on the 'intricate ballet' of the city have endured for urban planners and everyday city-dwellers alike, despite being penned half a century ago." – Sara Savage introduces the sixth print issue of Assemble Papers, 'Future Local'.

A Place of Meaning: Bijoy Jain

Taking place for the third time in 2016, this year's MPavilion comes from the architect Bijoy Jain of Indian architectural practice Studio Mumbai. We met up with Jain at Robin Boyd's Walsh Street House in Melbourne to discuss Jain's characteristic interest in traditional craftsmanship and human connectedness to the landscape, and to find out the story behind his MPavilion design.

Thirty years of Fringe Furniture

Since 1986, Fringe Furniture has been encouraging experimentation in emerging and established designers alike across the areas of object design, furniture, sculpture, lighting and art. In this special Made In Metropolis profile of a Melbourne institution, we speak to Fringe Furniture founder Bruce Filley about the evolution of the exhibition, and to current associate producer Vanessa Wright about what's in store for the future.

Shadows on the hill: Dan McCabe

Whatever happened to the Australian Dream? Perth artist Dan McCabe uses tactical photography and subtle illusion to interrogate an ideal that has long influenced Australia's urban landscape. His latest work, set to appear at Next Wave Festival, will see the artist camping around Melbourne in a camouflaged car-shaped tent designed to spark conversation around urban sprawl and the crises of the 'renting generation'.

Food, politics, space: Cooking Sections

With their research-based practice spanning installation, performance, mapping and video, London-based spatial practitioners Cooking Sections (a.k.a. Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe) are dedicated to exploring intersections between visual arts, architecture and geopolitics through the lens of food – just don’t call them foodies.

Words with friends: The Good Copy

It’s hard not to let our enthusiasm get the better of us when tasked with describing Penny Modra and The Good Copy: the creative agency, studio, shop, library and grammar school nestled in the heart of Collingwood, that’s been home to so many writers since its inception a few years ago.

Offal, weeds, waste: Cooking with TOME

Late last year Jonny Kirk and Emily Wong of Melbourne design studio TERRA FODA launched their TOME project – a design experiment exploring the idea of the 'subnatural' in food, which manifested in a series of private dinners in Jonny's Brunswick bungalow.

Tee Seng Store

One of the last remaining provision stores in Singapore, Tee Seng Store is a window into the history of the island-nation before it became the booming metropolis many of us know it as today. We paid a visit to its owner, Ang Lu Heng, to find out how his humble shop has miraculously defied the test of time.

Pushing The Limits of Representation: Bêka & Lemoine

Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine aren't your average filmmakers – their 'Living Architectures' series shuns idealised representations of architecture in favour of a more experiential approach. We caught up with Louise Lemoine to find out the story behind 'The Infinite Happiness', a documentary that looks inside the world of Bjarke Ingels's 8 House project in Copenhagen.

Twilight Mix by Assemble Papers

Say hello to Assemble Papers' new editor, Sara Savage. Her first print issue won't come out until later this year (founding editor Eugenia Lim will continue to take the reins for Assemble Papers' imminent fifth issue), so consider this mix programmed by Sara as a 'soft introduction' to your new editor – and a little gift from us to you, to say thanks for being a part of the Assemble Papers community.