The Ecological Age

March 2016
Editor: Eugenia Lim

“Every form of culture has the potential to re-imagine a better world. For me, art is about asking, ‘What if?’” – Berndnaut Smilde The Ecological Age explores the potential for us to transition from outmoded, resource-intensive ‘Industrial Age’ behaviours towards an ambitious but achievable paradigm shift, living lightly within our planet’s carbon footprint. Here, artist Olafur Eliasson and biologist Lone Frank discover that nature is not only outside, but within our bodies; Pritzker Prize-winning Shigeru Ban believes love is the ultimate measure of longevity in architecture; and scholar–activist Libby Porter talks about unlearning planning practice to co-exist in culture with Indigenous people and knowledge. From the personal to the politial, The Ecological Age instills in us that the time is now to turn thought into action.