Contributor: Sarah Booth

Sarah Booth is one of those people who'll never be able to explain to her family what she does. At present she works as a writer, editor, has a bake sale called Flour Market, a bar called Black Market and is co-owner and cook at Tiggy.

Nayran’s Tas Kebab

Tiggy cafe's Sarah Booth and Julia Dunne share a recipe they learned from Nayran Tabiei, cooking teacher at Free to Feed, a pop-up cooking school in Melbourne taught by refugees and asylum seekers. The recipe? Nayran's Tas Kebab – originating in Turkey, over the centuries it's a dish that has made its way across the region and appears here with a Syrian twist.

Coconut, Tahini and Berry Cake

Gian Manik is a Melbourne-based artist and experimental foodie with fair trade chocolatiers, Loving Earth. No matter how sparse or strange the contents of his fridge, Gian has the documented ability to turn disparate ingredients into culinary magic. Sarah Booth shares her housemate Gian's recipe for a coconut-infused, under-an-hour cake.

Roadhouse Sauerkraut

Liam Flanagan, master alchemist and part-owner of The Roadhouse in Byron Bay, has ‘the full radish’ on all things lacto-fermented and for this week's Home Made, he passes on a liver-soothing cabbage-kraut recipe to get you through an entire winter.

Gina Basso on Rathdowne Street

Sixty-one years ago, seamstress Gina Basso left her family in Carmignano di Brenta in Northern Italy and travelled across the world to North Carlton, Victoria to be with her new husband, tailor Giacomo. Now 82, the impeccably presented Gina can still be found four days out of seven at her century-old Dürkopp Adler sewing machine—often with 27-year-old granddaughter Emily on the Janome beside her.

Backyard Bungalows: Murray Barker

Murray Barker's garage conversion is a nice note on which to wrap up our Backyard Bungalows series. To maximise his compact 18sqm space, he makes great use of the outdoor areas either side of it. Referencing Donovan Hill's D House, Murray has added windows and shutters that encourage interaction with the laneway and the life upon it—while still providing natural light and privacy when required.

Fallen wood, sabi spoons: Eugene Howard

Like the smooth cup of a shell, or the curve of a well-worn stone, Eugene Howard senses potential in roughly hewn timber, "there's a spoon waiting in every piece of wood". This new perspective quickly reveals hundreds of not-yet-realised spoons in his garden alone. As the world rushes by, Eugene's practice highlights the timelessness of objects within our daily sphere.

Backyard Bungalows: Alex Kennedy

In our third instalment of Backyard Bungalows, we take a turn through the Carlton North cabin of Alex Kennedy. The 35sqm space was once a car garage amidst the lush garden behind her mum's house, until Alex (and friends) took to it with a hammer and plastering board, and designer Sarah Trotter of Hearth Studio helped translate Alex’s ideas around recycled materials and Japanese minimalism into built form.

Backyard Bungalows: Alice and Otis

The second in our Backyard Bungalow series is a beautifully tiny abode belonging to Schoolhouse Studios’ Alice Glenn and her pint-sized sidekick Otis, which is tucked away behind her Auntie’s place in Clifton Hill. The building itself has existed for several decades, but has been coaxed into its current (very comfortable) iteration thanks to a couple of renovations over the years.

Backyard Bungalows: Emilio and Anna

Welcome to the first in our new Less is More series devoted to backyard bungalows. Over the next few months we're going to peek over back fences and venture down garden paths to hunt out dwellings that do their bit for positive urban density. First up, we visit the ingenious Coburg home of Emilio Fuscaldo, of Nest Architects, and his partner Anna Krien.

Assemble Papers issue #2: The Space Between

Welcome to Issue 2 of Assemble Papers in print. This edition is inspired by Melbourne’s new public architecture commission, MPavilion – initiated by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation – with Sean Godsell’s inaugural form soon to be revealed amidst the lush foliage of Queen Victoria Gardens.