Contributor: Tim Hillier

Melbourne based photographer and filmmaker Tim Hillier constantly captures the events and lives around him. Working within documentary and vernacular styles, he has exhibited in NYC, Vancouver and Australia, contributed to magazines worldwide and worked for clients as diverse as Stephanie Hodgins-May, comedian Arj Barker, Super Wild Horses and Dick Diver.

Ngurra, Wanga

Three years ago, photographer Tim Hillier began documenting Indigenous Hip Hop Projects as they toured their youth cultural programs throughout regional and remote Australian communities. Since then, he's been behind the lens watching young people dance, paint, perform and find a voice for each of their unique stories – and in doing so, has been adding to his own.

Maxine & Jonny’s Coburg Cottage

This petite cottage in Coburg is where Maxine and Jonny call home, and for the last five years have lovingly tended the garden into an oasis and lined the walls with beautiful things. Their happiness here, however, has much to do with the character of Coburg itself as it does with each other, and this is an ode to them Living Not Decorating in the heart of the suburb.

Heller Street – Part II

Following on from last week's visit to the Heller Street Park and Residences, architect James Legge talks about the ethos behind his design and what it's like to live in a community... with your clients. And, we return to Heller Street with photographer Tim Hillier as we capture the stories and living spaces of the final two neighourhood households.

Heller Street – part I

Introducing the first of our two part special on a medium density project close to our hearts – the Heller Street Park and Residences by iconic Melbourne architects Six Degrees. Completed at the end of 2011, this row of ten handsome timber-clad townhouses marries public and private interests and interactions in a benchmark design for a new model of inner-city multi-dwelling housing in Australian cities.

Light leaks

Tim Hillier is a keen observer based in Melbourne. He shoots photos and films for musicians (Super Wild Horses, Dick Diver, The Twerps), designers (Kloke, Beci Orpin), even comedians (Arj Barker) and politicians (Stephanie Hodgins-May). An avid cycler and skateboarder, here he shares "Light Leaks", a personal project captured on the streets of China, Australia and Montenegro.