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Light leaks

Tim Hillier is a keen observer based in Melbourne. He shoots photos and films for musicians (Super Wild Horses, Dick Diver, The Twerps), designers (Kloke, Beci Orpin), even comedians (Arj Barker) and politicians (Stephanie Hodgins-May). An avid cycler and skateboarder, here he shares “Light Leaks”, a personal project captured on the streets of China, Australia and Montenegro.

“These photos span the last 5 years, and were mostly taken with the same Olympus MJU II that is now held together with elastic bands and sticky tape. This camera has been thrown in a bag, or squashed into a pocket, no matter where I was going (hence the tape). The red line that appears in some of these photos comes from opening the back of the camera slightly to expose the film to direct UV. I enjoy this direct manipulation of film and am always interested to see when it works out. The locations vary from out my front door to the Kimberleys, to Montenegro.”

Tim Hillier is constantly capturing the events and lives around him. Working within documentary films and vernacular photographs, he has exhibited in New York, Vancouver and Australia and contributed to magazines worldwide (including an upcoming Living not Decorating story here in Assemble Papers). To view more of Tim Hillier’s videos and photographs, visit