Contributor: Samuel Holleran

Samuel Holleran is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. He has worked as an art director, researcher, and educator with civically-engaged design firms, universities, and nonprofits in the U.S. and Europe. Currently, he is a PhD student in Media & Communications at the University of Melbourne, where he is examining public participation in the reimagination of cemeteries.

Unseen Labours: Deathcare as Essential Service

The origins of this photo series lie in a desire to explore the hidden-in-plain-sight spaces of death and memorialisation that exist in every city as well as to celebrate the labour of Melbourne’s deathcare workers. It started as a collaboration between scholars from the DeathTech Research Team at The University of Melbourne and Bri Hammond, […]

Footpath Trading: Pavement & Public Realm

Melbourne is (touch wood) finally exiting a dark winter of homebound isolation, hour-long walks and delivery food. As good weather arrives and rules are loosened, the government has outlined a pathogen-conscious plan for restaurant reopening that relies heavily on outdoor dining. This has already spurred debate about how we allot space on our streets and […]

Sign of the Times: Melbourne’s Industrial Skyline

The historical rooftop signs that dot the horizon lines of our cities are often symbols of a bygone industrial era, memories clinging to facades. As emerging technology transforms advertising techniques, and awareness of our consumption habits in relation to issues such as climate crisis develops, what will become of the humble rooftop sign? Writer Samuel […]