Contributor: Giuseppe (Pino) Demaio

Giuseppe is known for the creativity he offers high-profile clients through his agency Local Peoples and as a founder of NCDFREE, he is also famous for his beard – one of the most coveted face-warmers in Melbourne.

Farewell Sara

After 18 months as part of the AP family, Sara Savage is moving on from her role as Editor of Assemble Papers to pursue new opportunities. Sara will leave a wonderful legacy for the next editor and a strong platform for the next chapter of the publication, and we wish her the very best in her future endeavours.

Farewell REJ

Three years after she first joined us, Rachel Elliot-Jones is moving on from her role as Creative Producer of Assemble Papers and Head of Community Engagement at Assemble to relocate to London. Rachel (a.k.a. REJ) has been a tireless ambassador for the philosophy and values of the company. We fully support her decision to embark on the next exciting chapter in her career.

Farewell Euge

After four incredible years as founding editor of Assemble Papers and a much-loved member of the Assemble team, Eugenia Lim has decided to move on to focus on her art practice and numerous creative advisory board roles. She will be deeply missed, but it’s a decision we fully support as she embarks on the next exciting chapter in her career.

The Great Apartment Design Debate

Assemble directors, Ben, Pino and Quino, contribute to the current debate on Victorian apartment design standards by taking a look at the history of apartments in Melbourne, the current market dynamics, the impact of regulation in NSW and the potential impact of those standards here in VIC. This is a vital debate for our city and one which we encourage everyone to participate in.

Casa Iberica on Johnston Street

Casa Iberica has single-handedly been providing Melbourne with hard-to-find Spanish and Portuguese smallgoods and culinary essentials since Jose and Alice de Sousa opened its doors in 1973, and it continues to flourish under the shrewd management of current owner, Jose and Alice's godson Paulo. We caught up with Paul over one of Casa Iberica's legendary sandwiches.

Gaby, Maxi, Leo: Green House

You may remember the luscious, indoor jungle home of Andrew (Maxi) Walker and Gabriela Holland from our visit earlier this year, when we learnt the DIY recipe for 'kokedama' or string gardens. Pino Demaio makes a return visit to this compact, art deco apartment in East Melbourne to find out more about the plant-obsessed duo behind Pop Plant.

String garden by Pop Plant

Andy (Maxi) Walker & Gabriela Holland are the green thumbs behind Pop Plant, specialists in practical indoor plants for city dwellers. In 2012, the pair settled in Melbourne and have since built a name for their playful, savvy approach to urban gardening. No backyard, no dramas! Follow their step-by-step guide to create a serene string garden for your own home.

The People’s Pancetta

If you're a 'meat in moderation' kind of person – as with any food – home made trumps processed stuff any day. Here, Pino shares a family fave, the People's Pancetta. For this, all you need is time, simple, good quality ingredients and a cool nook in a laundry or pantry. Avert your eyes if you are vegetarian – in coming weeks we promise more herbivore recipes to cater to every stomach.

Pasta Parmiggiana

Introducing our new extra Home Made, recipes for living from handy individuals and creative folk who have a flair for ‘homegrown’ ingenuity. This week, our Pino shares a family favourite, a rustic recipe immortalised in his dad's cookbook 'Preserving the Italian Way'. In the spirit of 'spreading the love', we'll feature more Papa Demaio specials from time to time for you to try at home.