Contributor: Joanna Kawecki

Joanna is the co-editor and founder of Ala Champ, a London and Tokyo-based printed publication focused on curiosity and investigations into creativity and cultural insight. Alongside leading their agency Champ Creative working with international clients, Joanna is also a design and architecture writer for IndesignLive and HabitusLiving.

House Vision: Kenya Hara

Kenya Hara's 'House Vision' unites future-thinking companies with architects, designers and artists to propose innovative new ways of living. It inspires us to curate living space for our personality and our lifestyle. In our latest offering from kindred publication Ala Champfest, we learn more about the project via an excerpt from 'Design as Awakening', an interview with Hara by editor Joanna Kawecki.

High-rise honey: Michael Leung

On the rooftops of Hong Kong, Michael Leung has built an informal and unlikely hive of collaborators: artists, designers... and honey bees. After an apprenticeship with Mr. Yip, a beekeeper at in the Shatin region of Hong Kong, Michael Leung became Hong Kong’s first urban beekeeper. Here, Joanna Kawecki speaks to Michael about HK Honey and living the high life with his hives of apis cerana honey bees.

Warsaw’s urban oasis: Irena Bajerska

Tactical urbanism is alive and well in the humble rooftop garden. On a larger scale, architects Marek Budzyński & Zbigniew Badowski's design for the Warsaw University Library Rooftop Garden integrated technology and innovation, while taking inspiration from the surrounding context. Key to this urban oasis is the work of landscape architect Irena Bajerska, who speaks to Joanna Kawecki.

Welcome to Naoshima Art Island

Naoshima. One of the most unique places on earth where art, nature and architecture coexist in uncompromised harmony. A site where each element is taken into account, with equal mindfulness paid to the island's character and the livelihood of local residents. Joanna Kawecki drinks in the art, architecture and natural context of Naoshima and its neighbouring islands in the stream.