Contributor: Bri Hammond

Bri Hammond is a photographer who works commercially and editorially, capturing people, places and objects. Her work has been featured on The Design Files and in frankie, Peppermint, Smith Journal, Matters Journal and Oh Comely.

Unseen Labours: Deathcare as Essential Service

The origins of this photo series lie in a desire to explore the hidden-in-plain-sight spaces of death and memorialisation that exist in every city as well as to celebrate the labour of Melbourne’s deathcare workers. It started as a collaboration between scholars from the DeathTech Research Team at The University of Melbourne and Bri Hammond, […]

Ears #43: Mooncake by Small FRY

This year for our mixtape series EARS, we are featuring presenters from Triple R’s community radio station in Brunswick. To kick it off, we asked DJ Small FRY to create us a mixtape riffing off her radio show on Triple R, Mooncake. Her show crosses soundwaves from Tokyo to Taipei, Seoul to Saigon and through […]

Together Apart: Isolation Tales

Melbourne’s stringent lockdowns last year affected all of us in different ways. In the space of time between the first and second series of lockdowns, and when it was safe to do so, photographer Bri Hammond visited residents in public housing in Collingwood and Richmond to hear how they were faring in isolation. Each person […]


Share housing into adulthood has its benefits - cheaper rent, shared household chores and a friendly face to share a cup of tea with. Bri Hammond takes us into six Melbourne share houses, whose occupants would not dream of renting alone.