Contributor: Ben Davis

Ben is a Tokyo-based editor who covers local culture in the city’s myriad neighbourhoods. With a background in sustainability consulting, he continues to examine the human side of the mega city – from self-organised community spaces and urban sanctuaries to the contemporary artisans building upon history and tradition.

Tokyo Life: Kai-Ting Lin

"In Japan, old things tend to be well looked after and so even vintage items that are 50 years old still look beautiful today". In the fourth instalment of our ‘Tokyo Life’ series brought to you via R-ESTATE TOKYO, Ben Davis chats to curator and creator Kai-Ting Lin about the anachronistic beauty of the well-worn.

Tokyo Life: Matsuki Narishige & Yumiko Kikuchi

This week we bring you the third instalment in our series on 'Tokyo Life' – a special edition of our Living Not Decorating brought to us via R-ESTATE TOKYO’s ‘Keys to the City’ interview series. Tokyo-based editor Ben Davis chats to hairdresser/photographer Matsuki Narishige and writer/book-lover Yumiko Kikuchi about the creative comforts of collecting.

Tokyo Life: David Glaettli

It’s time for the second instalment of ‘Tokyo Life’ – the special Living Not Decorating series brought to us by R-ESTATE TOKYO. This week, Ben Davis speaks with David Glaettli – creative director of Japanese furniture brand Karimoku New Standard – about nomadic living, the influence of Kyoto on his practice, and life in his Toritsu-Daigaku home.

Tokyo Life: Genta Narita’s Yoyogi pad

Genta Narita is the manager of Tas Yard, a kissaten (literally a "tea-drinking shop") in Sendagaya, Tokyo. In this special edition of Living Not Decorating brought to us via R-ESTATE TOKYO's 'Keys to the City' interview series, Tokyo-based editor Ben Davis speaks with Genta Narita about his home in Yoyogi and what it means to live well in Tokyo.

Pasona: Plant Life

In Tokyo’s downtown business district of Nihombashi, the Pasona HQ building's exterior and interior hosts more than 200 varieties of plants. In addition to enhancing the working environment for the company's employees through the inclusion of decorative and edible greenery, the building’s built-in urban farm marries conventional and progressive approaches to agriculture.

Bondo: Familiarity through daily use

In Ben Davis' first article for Assemble Papers, he visits "handmade art store" BONDO to interview owner Yuichi Murakami about the iterative progression of the collection of objects he purveys, led by a long-held appreciation of the aura radiated by well-crafted things.