Contributor: Vlad Doudakliev

Vlad is an architect at Fieldwork, who since 2014 has worked on educational, commercial, cultural and multi-residential projects across a variety of scales, around Australia. With a deep interest in the public role of architecture in shaping an individual’s experiences of spaces, Vlad explores these themes both in his projects and in writing, previously having been on the editorial committee of Architect Victoria and PLACE Magazines.

The Long Way Back: Europe

This summer, architect Vlad Doudakliev shipped his car to Vladivostok, from where he travelled overland across Russia with his dad, all the way to his native Bulgaria. In the second part of his travelogue for Assemble Papers, we follow Vlad as he crosses into Europe.

The Long Way Back: Russia

This summer, architect Vlad Doudakliev shipped his car to Vladivostok, from where he travelled overland across Russia with his dad, all the way to his native Bulgaria. In this special two-part travelogue for Assemble Papers, Vlad takes us through the vast, diverse landscapes of the largest country in the world.