Contributor: Tim Riley

Tim Riley is the principal of Property Collectives. Property Collectives helps groups of friends and family invest in property by sharing their money, time, skills and knowledge.

The Internet of Things

New technology and the emergence of the “Internet of Things” is leading the way towards a connected future where seeing and controlling your energy use will be as easy as checking into Instagram. Tim Riley asks, what is this Internet of Things? And how will it make it easier for us to better manage our energy use and reduce our impact on the environment?

The statistical secret to happiness

Did you know that statistically, four main factors determine how happy we are at any point in time? It seems that contentment stems from a delicate balance of our gender, personality, external circumstances & age. Intuitively, this makes sense – but how does age determine happiness? Tim Riley talks "the U-Bend" & "the Spending Wave", suggesting we "downshift" our way to happiness.

Crowdfunding and couchsurfing: the rise of collaborative consumption

What do car-sharing, Etsy, community supported agriculture, Facebook, Airbnb, co-housing, co-working, social lending, crowdfunding and couch surfing have in common? Tim Riley takes us on a tour of collaborative consumption, an emerging social trend that TIME magazine has called one of the ten ideas that will change the world.