Contributor: Georgia Nowak

Georgia Nowak is an architect who has studied both architecture and sculpture, and whose work represents a merging of the two. Georgia has worked in Melbourne and Stockholm, resulting in her strong affinity with the Scandinavian way of living.

A Natural Alliance

In a time when extraordinary experiences are being promoted by cities, towns and regions as part of a tourist package, the natural environment is under pressure to enhance its existing assets in order to be shared, liked, meme-d and appreciated. Georgia Nowak – via 'Future West (Australian Urbanism)' – looks at how new tourism infrastructure in national parks could support their conservation.

Fogo Island studios – part 4

In the fourth and final instalment of our feature on Fogo Island studios, we get to the pointy end of things with the sharp Squish Studio. A crisp, angular beacon of sorts, the Squish Studio sits on a strip of rocky coast just outside the township of Tilting. Visiting artists are invited to find momentary inspiration – tread lightly – before leaving the land just as it was before they came.

Fogo Island studios – Part 3

In the third instalment of our feature on the Fogo Island studios, Georgia Nowak takes a look at Saunders Architecture’s contemporary take on the artist garret, the sleek and sculptural Tower. Of all the Fogo Island studios, project carpenters agree that the Tower was one of the most tricky to build.

Fogo Island Studios – Part 2

Continuing our profile on Newfoundland native Todd Saunders' exquisite series of Fogo Island studios, Georgia Nowak takes to the Bridge, a secular yet spiritual work space for international artists-in-residence. Treading “ever so softly” on the landscape, the Fogo Island Arts studios become sculptural forms in the larger landscape.

Fogo Island Studios – part I

Over the next few months, we’ll bring you four instalments in a bumper feature on Saunders Architecture’s striking Fogo Island artist studios. Nestled in the windswept landscape of the remote Newfoundland region of Canada, the four studios blend Saunder’s strong contemporary design nous with a highly-localised sensitivity and respect for the land. After all, Todd Saunders is a born and bred Newfoundlander.

Fantastic Norway: Håkon Matre Aasarød

Blinding white snow, midnight summer sun – there's something dreamlike about Norway. Here in 2004, Fantastic Norway (FN) was born, a name that speaks volumes about its optimistic, playful and open approach. Georgia Nowak speaks to co-director Håkon Matre Aasarød about the FN methodology: architects who believe "architecture is way too important to be left only to architects".