Contributor: Emma Breheny

Emma Breheny is a freelance writer and editor in Melbourne. She is interested in dining and food, the effects of planning policy on people and urban life in general. You can find her with a wooden spoon, book or drink in her hand most of the time.

Squishy Urbanity: Walking Melbourne with Rohan Storey

Rohan Storey knows Melbourne. With over 20 years experience as an architectural historian at the National Trust, Rohan now works as a heritage consultant, is vice-president of community lobby group Melbourne Heritage Action, and in his spare time shares detailed snapshots of the city on social media. Emma Breheny speaks to Rohan about the politics of preservation and what makes a 'liveable' city.

Shuffle: Bridging Borders in Mile End, London

How do you ensure that a radical new housing development maintains strong, ongoing links with its community? Emma Breheny speaks to Kate MacTiernan of Shuffle Festival, which aims to involve the local community in a rapidly changing environment in London's Mile End.