Contributor: Elliet Spring

Elliet is an architect and urban designer with a passion for gardens and horticulture. She spent much of her twenties and early thirties living and studying in New York and Norway before returning home to Melbourne. She is particularly interested in how we can live better together in an urban context, how climate change affects architectural programming, and how technology is challenging traditional notions of public and private space.

Greening NYC: Piet Oudolf’s New Perennialism

Architect Elliet Spring lived in New York for most of her twenties. On her recent return, she was greeted by a different city: no longer so much a concrete jungle, but a city layered with rich, generous vegetation - from the High Line to The Battery. The turn has been in no small measure the influence of one person, Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf. Here, Elliet looks at Piet's seasonally sensitive, emotionally rich approach to planting, which has spanned a movement: New Perennialism.