Contributor: Cristina Guerrero

Cristina is a conscious and creative mind currently based in Melbourne. Inspired by meaningful stories and actions, and with a background in sustainable fashion, she works as an art director exploring the interaction between Art, Design and Sustainability. You can find her on the great outdoors, growing avocados or dreaming about the next travel destination.

Summer Postcards: An Ode to the Ocean

From the Wet Tropics to Byron Bay, Cristina Guerrero takes us on a journey of lonely beaches and hidden beauty – an ode to the ocean and our connection to nature. At a time when climate change is at the forefront of our minds, Cristina’s photographs are a reminder to protect and preserve our planet […]

Shacks: Somewhere to Disappear

From desert landscapes to isolated places, from mountains to jungles, wilderness is somewhere to rest, find refuge; a place of solitude far away from society. Cristina Guerrero documents a series of discovered cabins and other hideouts found around the world.