Contributor: Amelyn Ng

Amelyn is a writer and registered Victorian architect with a deep interest in civic agency and everyday urbanism. Recently based in New York, she is a self-professed flâneur and avid writer whose work has recently been published in various architecture media. She hopes her work will spark discussion, enable reflection and uncover beauty in the banal.

What Does it Take to Unbuild a Wall?

At the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale, no less than three national pavilions examine the walls around nation-states. How complicit is architecture in separating us from each other? Our resident wall critic Amelyn Ng reflects on the architecture of isolationism, and the geopolitics of walls.

Venice 2018: De-obfuscating Architecture’s Mandate

The 16th Venice Architectural Biennale put generosity of spirit and a sense of humanity on top of architecture's to-do list. AP editor Jana Perković and regular contributor Amelyn Ng were there to take stock of the responses – from the most grandiose nation-affirming pavilions to the most humble off-program.

Entertaining Borders

The business of building Walls is booming. Amelyn Ng looks at a recent architectural exhibition on 'Trump walls' in New York's Center for Architecture and asks: what makes a wall a political technology of separation?

Rethinking the High-Rise Life

How many gyms does a neighbourhood need? Thirty-five, if you go by the results of some recent urban renewal programs. Amelyn Ng compares Melbourne to Singapore and New York, examining the unintended consequences of building high-rise buildings close together, without planning for the civic dimension of architecture.

Between Ruins: Athens

In this edition of EYES, graduate architect and writer Amelyn Ng shares a photographic investigation of Athens and its urban idiosyncrasies. Oscillating between the perspectives of first-time visitor and wandering observer, in her travels Amelyn noticed a new kind of ruination – distinct from those we usually associate with the ancient city – beginning to reveal itself.

Mel Bright: MAKE on making change

Even the smallest acts of architecture have the capacity to make generous – and genuine – contributions to the greater urban fabric of a city. It only takes a short conversation with Mel Bright, founding director of Melbourne-based architectural practice MAKE, to determine just how pivotal that approach has been in all of the practice’s work.

Everyday monuments: Madrid

For graduate architect and writer Amelyn Ng, the streets of Madrid have "a quiet magnetism that is hard to explain. Not in the city’s tourist or retail attractions, to which most visitors flock, but in its ‘in-between’ spaces or rhythms of the everyday." Back from an architectural study tour of the city, Amelyn shares this psychogeographic portrait of Spain's capital.