Contributor: Nicholas Dowse

Nic is the founder of the Honey Fingers studio, a creative and collective project that explores the connections between farming, food, art, history, design and education, whose work always revolves around bees.

Swarm Traps: The Hive Mind

Australia is currently experiencing a golden age of backyard beekeeping. This is, arguably, one of the last golden ages of European honey bee (Apis mellifera) honey production – anywhere in the world. Nic Dowse of Honey Fingers, takes us through the importance of caring for our bee populations, the basics of backyard beekeeping, and how to build your own swarm trap.


This week Melbourne welcomed the inaugural MPavilion architectural commission to its Queen Victoria Gardens. This unique and site-specific structure, represents a new conversation around cultural philanthropy and public spaces. It's also going to be a fantastic place from which to enjoy the warm months ahead.

Organic Honey vs. Local Honey: A Brief Users Guide

The organic vs. local dilemma exists in all the food groups, but when it comes to honey it's even harder to pick a side. Urban beekeeper Nic Dowse canvases the debate from all angles and arms us with the information we need to make the sweetest, most ethical and bee-friendly choices in the honey aisle.