Contributor: Leon Goh

Leon Goh is a freelance writer based in Tokyo. He has contributed to Eyeline, un Magazine, Artlink, Art & Australia, Ala Champfest and Runway Magazine, and is a regular contributor to Broadsheet and the Japan-based SHIFT. Leon has a predilection for cycling, trail running gear and is always open to being swept up into an internet research shoe spiral.


In the winter of 2015, Prudence and Leon Goh landed in Tokyo and soon set up their new home in the Musashi-Koyama area – located on the Meguro train line and removed from Tokyo’s heaving centre. In this photographic series taken from the couple’s recent independently published photo book, Prudence and Leon share a visual exploration of the neighbourhood they now call home.

Beach Vernacular & Boyd: Kerstin Thompson

At the tail end of our southern hemisphere summer, Leon Goh speaks to Melbourne architect Kerstin Thompson about the quintessential Australian escape – the beach shack – her propensity for Robin Boyd-like simplicity, and the idea of 'making do' with less.

Finding Muji

As MUJI prepares to open its first store in Australia this month, Leon Goh looks at the universally-admired company's 'no design design' through the frame of its Found MUJI project. Founded over thirty years ago and originally titled Mujirushi (no brand) Ryonin (quality goods), MUJI's core philosophy is about enhancing everyday life with embedded, accessible and usable design.