Contributor: Grace McQuilten

Grace McQuilten is the founder of The Social Studio, an art historian, curator, sometimes-artist and author of Art in Consumer Culture (Ashgate, 2011). Her work in community development has taught her to have a sense of humour when it comes to money, bureaucracy and social politics.

Self-made: Arts Project Australia

Since 1974, not-for-profit organisation Arts Project Australia (APA) has been championing the talents and wellbeing of artists with an intellectual disability through its open philosophy of agency, freedom and collaboration through art. On a wintery Thursday, Grace McQuilten visited our Northcote neighbours at Arts Project HQ to speak with Executive Director, Sue Roff.

Timeless and puzzling: Enzo Mari

The design work of Enzo Mari, iconic Italian provocateur and octogenarian, is often described as elegant, minimal and functional. Grace McQuilten prefers to think of Mari’s work as puzzling, playful and human. Here she looks back at 'autoprogettazione', Mari's range of DIY furniture and a beguiling body of work that defies mass production and the march of time.

Local Wisdom: interview with Kate Fletcher

As one of the founders of the "slow fashion" movement, Kate Fletcher dares to push an ecological agenda amidst the normatively fast, fickle world of fashion. An agitator for change, Kate advises on ethics and sustainability to the government, NGOs and the education sector. Grace McQuilten quizzed Kate on her Local Wisdom project and what it means to reuse in a throwaway world.