Contributor: Fred Kroh

Fred Kroh first became conscious of photography at a young age while using a family camera. His interest in capturing the mood or essence of a person or thing is still his primary motivation. He brings this continued curiosity and drive to his work as a photographer of people, places, objects and architecture.

Brunswick Tool Library

Established in 2012, the Brunswick Tool Library has been welcomed by nearby residents in need of tools for small-scale projects and DIY jobs. Focused on providing artists, gardeners and renovators with an affordable way to take on a range of jobs, the entirely volunteer-run Brunswick Tool Library, led by president Karleng Lim, aims to transform the way we own and use tools.

Grafa: grounded in principle

Since 2014, Grafa’s collection of upcycled copper and Spotted Gum garden tools has earned a steady local and international following. Light years ahead of your usual Bunnings fare, Grafa's tools combine a minimal yet warm design sensibility with an environmentally sustainable ethos. Hudson Brown drops by Grafa HQ to talk to co-founders Travis Blandford and Harriet Devlin.