Contributor: Alisha Gore

Alisha Gore is a freelance portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Sydney. Inspired by the stories of the people she encounters, she strives to create narrative-driven imagery that is rich in emotion and feeling. Studying Architecture and Design at the University of Sydney has given Alisha a unique perspective on the use of space, light and textures in her work.

Across the Denmark Strait

Other than Australia (which, as a continent, doesn’t really count), Greenland is the largest island in the world. Enveloped almost entirely by ice, however, Greenland is anything but ‘green’. In this special Eyes series, photographer Alisha Gore navigates the country’s largely uninhabited east coast, documenting a loaded, untamed landscape while meditating on the value of a life without distraction.

People Power: Saving Sirius

In this special This Vertical Life feature, Assemble Papers editor Sara Savage meets some of the remaining residents at the Sirius public housing building in Sydney, who for the last three years has been fighting the NSW government's decision to sell the building (as well as hundreds of other properties in the wider Millers Point area) to make way for luxury apartments.