Contributor: Alex Lama

Alex is a product designer and photographer working in London. His designs brings to life simulations that help make better sense of the world and the effect of our decisions on its future. Having developed a love for piano and photography early on, he later undertook a Masters of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, hence his fascination with the borders which lie tenuously between art, music, culture and science.

The Great Disruption: Proptech & ‘Generation Rent’

Move over, Airbnb: here comes 'proptech'. The new generation of apps goes beyond the dubiously-named 'sharing economy' to affect real estate in far more complex ways, from virtual bond deposits to micro-investing. Alexis Kalagas reports from London, where proptech is booming - together with the property market.

Laura & Megan: Personal Politics

Australians Laura Castagnini and Megan Wong moved to London four years ago to pursue their passions: contemporary art and political activism. Between feminist art history and human rights law, this is a couple whose shared life is dedicated to shifting culture. We visit their home in Camberwell, close to radical art spaces, farmers' markets and tiny green parks.