People & Place

Finding peace and slowness during Melbourne’s first lockdown

Location: Near Bennett Street, Fitzroy North | Date: 10.08.20 | Time: 4.08pm

For many of us during lockdown, our lives inside were whipped into a frenzy of screens, devices, disembodied voices and the internet. As the boundaries between work, entertainment and living collapsed, in some ways, public and private spaces inverted. In Melbourne’s northern suburbs people sought peace in outside worlds. Photographer Ben Clement documented people’s introspection and quietness; moments of time suspended in public space throughout August, September and October 2020.

Location: Park Street, Brunswick East 
| Date: 16.09.20
 | Time: 1.27pm
Location: Main Yarra Trail, Abbotsford | Date: 10.10.20 
| Time: 1.03pm
Location: George Knott Reserve, Clifton Hill 
| Date: 10.08.20 | Time: 4.32 pm
Location: Near Rae Street, Fitzroy North
 | Date: 15.09.20
 | Time: 1.32pm
Location: George Knott Reserve
 | Date: 17.09.20 
| Time: 8.03am
Location: St Georges Road, Fitzroy North
 | Date: 14.10.20
 | Time: 4.57pm
Location: Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill |
 Date: 02.10.20 
| Time: 5.50pm
Location: Park Street, Brunswick East |
 Date: 03.10.20
 | Time: 5.19pm
Location: Canning Street 
| Date: 18.09.20 
| Time: 5.57pm
Location: St Georges Road, Fitzroy North | 
Date: 14.10.20
 | Time: 4.59pm

This piece is part of Assemble Papers 13 Mind the Gap, published at the beginning of February 2021. Find the print version of Mind the Gap at cafes across Melbourne, or order a copy from our webshop and pay only postage costs.