Do you know me? mix by V/A

Melbourne musician Raquel Solier has taken leave from her guise as left-field RnB diva Fatti Frances in favour of a new project, Various Asses (V/A). V/A’s self-described “body horror music” is an exploration of complex rhythmic foundations with ambient undertones, informed by a love of electronic, grime and future music. Get ready to get deep with this special mix created by V/A – not for the faint-hearted!

You may know Various Asses (V/A) – a.k.a. Melbourne musician Raquel Solier – as withdrawn leftfield RnB diva Fatti Frances. These days Raquel is focused on her new project, V/A, which she describes as “deep body horror music” – a new exploration of complex rhythmic foundations, conversant vocal clips and ambient undertones. Embracing a love of electronic, grime and future music, V/A creates drowsy experimental dance music for the inquisitive listener.

While recalling familiar shades of hip hop and RnB, V/A’s music is slow-moving and woozy, yet punctuated with short, concise tracks that implode once the beat is deciphered. Like a dance party sinking to the bottom of a warm bubble bath, V/A is for the curious and unafraid.

In this mix created especially for Assemble Papers, V/A celebrates unconventional club music and other oddball favourites. Get ready to get deep.

Various Asses is performing at Hugs&Kisses on Saturday 28 May with Karli White, and Stina Tester and Cinta Masters – visit the Facebook event page for more information. For all things V/A, get your (Various) Asses over to

Ears #18: Do You Know Me? mix – tracklisting
(N.B. Content warning: explicit language!)

1. NA – Brass claim
2. Various Asses – Down, Down
3. Jlin – Nandi
4. Alexandria – Pour ft. Father
5. Amnesia Scanner – AS Crust
6. Hex – Exotica
7. KeithCharles Spacebar – Ain’t nothing
8. Vincent City Hunter – 3 with trick on dick
9. Chino Amobi – White mætal
10. Chynna Rogers – Regina George
11. Various Asses – Nice to know
12. D-JaySremm ft. Bo Bo Swae, Riff 3X, Slim Jxmmi & Jac – Ride
13. Darq E Freaker – 2C-I
14. Khia – My neck, my back
15. Thast – Independent
16. 0h85 – They thirsty
17. Fatima Al Qadiri – Power
18. Jewelz Jaylii – F**k wit me
19. Laurel Halo – Dr. Echt

Original image courtesy Various Asses.