Space Cocktails #2 by Lord Fascinator

Having once likened his sound to “Beck and Kraftwerk doing peyote with The Stone Roses” you better believe things don’t get fruitier than Lord Fascinator. Dressed like Iris Apfel to the power of 1000 googly eyes, this thirty-something, man-in-a-kaftan is one who thinks nothing of attaching an extra set of limbs to his outfit. He’s put together one sweet space cocktail for our EARS.

While this past summer he has been blowing minds in NYC, Fascinator has previously performed his psychedelic stage show alongside Australian bands Jagwar Ma and Tame Impala. He’s also gearing up to support Pond in New York in October. For those in the southern hemisphere however, the release of a new music video every week for a month last year, was a fascinating feast – each one more colourful and acid-soaked than the last.

Fascinator’s name has undoubtably at some point been mentioned in the same conversation as Jay Z, the Rio 2016 Olympics and Bitcoin. Mostly though it’s discussed in relation to Australian bands Children Collide, The Amazing Phillips Sisters and Electric Smile Band. As well as caterpillars, his wonderful girlfriend and some guy called Johnny Mackay. Whatever the number of his appendage, Lord Fascinator sure knows how to throw a party.

Ears #10: Space Cocktails #2 mix by Lord Fascinator – track listing:

1 – Wah Wah Watson – Goo Goo Wah Wah
2 – Sinkane – How We Be
3 – Golden Music Orchestra – African Honeymoon
4 – Lovefingers – Fingertrack 901 Olivia Newton John
5 – Paul Martin – Le Troublant Temoignage
6 – Dorothy Ashby – Come Live With Me
7 – Vampyros Lesbos – Necromania
8 – Yma Sumac – Bo Mambo
9 – David Axelrod – Holy Thursday

A big thanks to Johnny Mackay, and apologies for calling him fruity. Hear more from Fascinator on SoundCloud

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