Diplomatic Immunity mix by Client Liaison

“International in flavour, cosmopolitan in style” – Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller are Client Liaison, purveyors of some of the most epic, uplifting pop songs and power ballads of late (that sound like they are of late last century). It is nothing but an honour to share this candid window into their iTunes highest play count – only the second ever mix they have done together.

Client Liaison have a predilection for iconic Australiana and the 80s heyday of international business and leisure – narratives that are meticulously and extensively investigated via their music, live performances and videos. They began their career causing widespread dance chaos at Melbourne house parties, fast-tracked it by creating one of the funniest and most cultural-stereotype-laden videos for their debut track End of the Earth, and sealed it last year when they earned a midnight window at Golden Plains (which they wisely and memorably used to perform alongside a water cooler, fax machine and Diners Club insignia). Their latest dancefloor essential Free of Fear is a tribute to taking the plunge, sealing deals, and being unfazed by the unfathomable.

Having recently wrapped up a headline national tour (with a staggering proportion of sold out shows), Harvey and Monte are now working on a bunch of new music that is due to be released in the next couple of months (including a remix of Kimbra’s latest single) and preparing to tour again later in the year. Here is a selection of favourite tunes from the duo who list “alpine sports, diplomacy, Australian literature, foreign affairs, mining and swimming” as areas of key interest.

Ears #7: Diplomatic Immunity mix by Client Liaison – track listing

1 – Inti Illimani – Longuita
2 – Danimals – Batmilk 
3 – Ray Anthony – Samba De Orfeu 
4 – Joni Mitchell – Nothing Can Be Done 
5 – Adham Shaikh – Marmalade Sun 
6 – Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Road Ensemble – Michio Mamiya
7 – John Barry – Moviola 
8 – Friends – The Way 


Original image courtesy Client Liaison.

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