Emlyn and Gabby: cook, work, parties, people

Detail from an image by artist Christopher Day

We visited the cosy, art-laden apartment of Emlyn Olaver and wife Gabby who lived in the city for over a year and a half before recently moving north. “There’s good people watching out the window, it’s always entertaining. We’ve witnessed bad buskers, giant rats, naked backpackers, catfights, breakups and mass arrests…and that’s just New Years!”

“Our favourite space is the living room. We do everything here: cook, work, have parties and people over. Around here there’s coffee, food – we’re close to Vic Markets. There’s a proximity to things: trains, trams, galleries, bars. I can ride my bike anywhere. We go down to the river a bit, it’s nice to look back at the city from the other side and relax. Living here is also good for cravings, any food 24 seven. Although Gabby’s pregnant and we’re moving soon – hopefully the next place will have some good local spots too. The Christopher Day photo is probably a favourite. Chipped black nails and a shiny peach remind me of the sinister side of old fairy tales like Snow White. We don’t really value objects that much, I guess it’s more about all the memories and passion that went along with buying, collecting and playing. We’re surrounded by our friends all the time through their art.”

Golden eye – incredible pop-up book including eyelash curler
Ready for your closeup?

Emlyn and Gabby in the kitchen – work, play, entertain

Jazz hands and flashy fingers – detail from an art publication collected while overseas

In-house vinyl collection
Gabby demonstrates aeroplane cat mode
Corn on the cob seat from Third Drawer Down
Detail from an image by artist Christopher Day
Detail from artwork by Dan Moynihan
Deer in the terrarium, a gift for Gabby
Lego Guggenheim
Extreme drawing! Artwork by Martin Bell
Ponytail man – artwork by James Eisen
Cathedral Arcade, up the road
Laneway Commission neon artwork by Reko Rennie

Photos by Eugenia Lim