Conversations between inspired experts and thinkers.

Imagine Ageing: Sibling × Arup

We are living longer than ever before - but what services do we need to ensure livability at all ages? For Sibling architects, researching ageing now is an investment in our own future quality of life. AP editor Jana Perković brings Sibling director Timothy Moore into conversation with Bree Trevena, research manager at Arup Foresight, the engineering firm's think tank on urban futures.

The Adjacent Possible: A Centre for Everything x Rory Hyde

An architect working as a curator and an artist whose interventions fall consistently outside the white cube tradition – Rory Hyde and Gabrielle de Vietri are two practitioners redefining the boundaries of their respective fields. The pair talk to our Eugenia Lim about how art and architecture can engage with critical issues in an era of radical change.

Three Writers On Expressing Place

Are you a lover of landscapes and the built environment who often finds yourself lost for words when it comes to describing these places? Our upcoming MPavilion workshop is for budding writers, artists, poets and architectural enthusiasts alike who want to be able to better express the world around them. Our three mentors, Alex Selenitsch, Amanda Maxwell and Penny Modra, share their thoughts on writing about place.

Building Faith: the Australian Islamic Centre

More than just a place of worship – the Australian Islamic Centre embodies the experience of being a modern-day Australian Muslim. Co-designer Hakan Elevli and building director Mohammed Haddara sit down with Emma Telfer to discuss their unexpected collaboration with Glenn Murcutt and the process of creating a contemporary Australian mosque.

We Are Nature: Olafur Eliasson x Lone Frank

Danish–Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson treats art as a means of turning thought into action. In 2014, Eliasson constructed a trickling, gurgling and crunching 'Riverbed' from blue basalt rocks at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark. Here, he speaks with Danish biologist, science journalist and author Lone Frank about the ideas explored in that project and his work at large.

On simplicity

Opening in Milan next week, 'The Other Hemisphere' invites designers to respond to the theme of ‘Simplified’, prompting the design of an object that, by nature of approach or aesthetic, is as simple and uncomplicated as possible. In the spirit of collaboration, we asked 'The Other Hemisphere' designers and curators to help us cross-pollinate ideas relating to simplicity.


At the core of Pollinate (our new extra) is the notion that the meeting of minds can generate “cross-pollinated” ideas while also providing insight into diverse creative processes. When we heard that TORAFU ARCHITECTS would be exhibiting at Mr Kitly, we got a bit “swoony”. Here was our first pairing, a chance for a significant Japanese practice and a Japan-obsessed design purveyor to converse.