Living not Decorating

With an emphasis on well-lived and well-loved apartment spaces, Living not Decorating tips its hat to interesting and idiosyncratic living and working spaces locally and internationally. A home comes in many permutations. We want to see how people live, the things they choose to surround themselves with, and the objects and ephemera that makes them feel at home. Homes and workspaces are photographed as we find them, with their inhabitants as our personal guide. The aim is to inspire you, good reader, to live simply, ingeniously and happily by your own design.

Gemma: Lazy Oaf London

Lazy Oaf is an independent fashion label founded in 2001 that channels pop graphics and '90s nostalgia, stocking throughout the UK and beyond, from the Tate Modern to Melbourne's own Lenko. Continuing our collaboration with interiors blog 'What’s in your bedroom', Olivia Howitt takes a candy-coloured visit to the North London home of Lazy Oaf’s director and founder Gemma Shiels.

Savi, Pascal & Georgie: Amsterdam interiors

Savi, Pascal and Georgie live in a 3rd & 4th floor apartment – a 100sqm "home, sweet home". Pascal is a design director while Savi combines writing with design PR/Communication. Daughter Georgie (turning 3 soon) is football crazy and loves making food in her make-believe kitchen. Roving eye Paul Barbera visited the trio's cosy home in De Pijp, Amsterdam for these beautiful images.

Mitch and Kylie: collecting heirlooms

I challenge you to find a power cord in the Sydney home of wardrobe stylist Kylie Gonder and designer Mitch “Beige” Brown. Hiding pesky cables is no mean feat in this compact 1940s apartment “with character”. I visited one sunny Saturday to document, chat and sip a mean G&T in this warm and welcoming home set high up in the treetops of Edgecliff.

Sonia: breakfast before the day begins

Designer, still life stylist and 'creatress' Sonia Rentsch lives in a quiet deco gem in Princes Hill. Peers call Sonia a 'MacGyver of beauty' and her hands, eyes and heart create magic on film and photography across design, commercial and artistic projects. Here we share our visit to Rentsch HQ – a warm, visual wonderland where beauty is created post breakfast.

Gill: Surf city limits

Gill Hutchison is a blogger, born-again surfer and producer based in a Melrose Place-esque enclave in Collingwood. After a bodyboarding epiphany in Mexico, Gill (aka 'Gilly Slater') returned to Melbourne a surf-obsessive, balancing her busy city work and social life with frequent trips 'down the coast'. We visited to talk surfing, pastries and domestic sanctuaries.

Melissa, Simon & Gustov: utopian heights

Gallerist Melissa Loughnan and social entrepreneur Simon Griffiths recently became the new owners of Gustov, a British blue. To mark this occasion (and because we'd heard rumours of bountiful art and a cosy atmosphere), we sent NY-based photographer Paul Barbera to Mel and Simon's warehouse in Fitzroy. Here are the beautiful results (dozens more ridiculously cute cat photos not pictured!).

Emlyn and Gabby: cook, work, parties, people

We visited the cosy, art-laden apartment of Emlyn Olaver and wife Gabby who lived in the city for over a year and a half before recently moving north. "There’s good people watching out the window, it's always entertaining. We’ve witnessed bad buskers, giant rats, naked backpackers, catfights, breakups and mass arrests...and that's just New Years!"