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Recipes and insights from handy individuals.

Reground: How to Avoid Waste at Home

In 2014, Ninna Larsen was working as a barista. Watching thousands of cups worth of coffee grounds going to landfill, she knew there must be a better use for this perceived waste. So she started Reground and teamed up with Kaitlin Reid. They began by taking coffee grounds from cafes and delivering them to local community gardens. […]

Social Food Project: Zero Waste Beetroot Risotto

Whether he’s cooking with insects as an alternative protein source, or saving natives by eating invasive species, Ben McMenamin has been using food to start crucial conversations for years. As the founder of the Social Food Project, Ben loves to craft inventive and delicious recipes that help us eat our way to a sustainable future. […]

Mabu Mabu: Semur Chicken

Mabu Mabu is a Torres Strait Islander owned and run café, catering and food business with an emphasis on using fresh, seasonal and native ingredients to create beautiful dishes that bring people together. Nornie Bero is the head chef and business owner. A Meriam woman of the Komet Tribe, Bero is originally from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, and […]

Chilaquiles: the proper Mexican ‘nachos’

Gerardo Lopez and Diana Hull started La Tortilleria in 2013 from a mutual desire to share traditional Mexican food, and Mexico’s rich culture, with Australia. In the early days, real Mexican food wasn’t well known in Melbourne, people were just starting to explore the cuisine, which at the time was largely misrepresented by hard-shell tacos […]

Japanese Spinach Rolls with dipping sauce

Celebrant, self-taught cook and Castlemaine superstar, Jenny O’Keefe, shares with assistant editor, Cat McGauran, her recipe for Japanese Spinach Rolls and dipping sauce. Both nutritious and delicious, these rolls are made with love and sure to impress!

Easy Noodle Salad

Jenny O'Keefe is a Castlemaine legend: a celebrant and a self-taught cook. With Assemble Papers, she shares a recipe for an easy noodle salad to Cat McGauran (another transplant to regional Victoria).

Portable picnic: onigiri

Onigiri is a staple found everywhere in Japan: from the aisles of convenience stores to fancy food halls. This week, the wonderful Julia Busuttil Nishimura shares two quick recipes for home made onigiri with mustard greens and umeboshi, and mushroom onigiri (scroll down for more), for a rice-filled belly on the go.

Matcha and pear pound cake with ginger syrup

Some of the best moments in life are those shared over a cup of tea and freshly baked goods. In the lead-up to the holiday period, slow food blog OSTRO's Julia Busuttil Nishimura brings us a recipe for a Japanese-inspired sweet treat – its the perfect excuse to catch-up for some casual afternoon banter.

Luxe Gluten-free Muesli

Actor Sunday Barca-Irving and designer Peter Deering are the creative couple behind the Sunday Muesli Co – a Richmond-based granola company offering up healthy and downright delicious hand-crafted muesli mixes to kick-start your day. Here Sunday brings us a cosy recipe for the winter months – seasonal poached pears with gluten-free muesli and a cardamon-scented nut mylk.

Braised Chicken with Root Vegetables

Back from a tour of Japan's culinary and cultural sites, we welcome back Julia Busuttil Nishimura of OSTRO. Australian-Maltese and a fluent Italian speaker, she brings an intuitive simplicity to contemporary Australian cooking. This week, Julia shares with us a recipe for perfect winter comfort food: chicken braised with veggies in a lightly perfumed dashi broth.

Nayran’s Tas Kebab

Tiggy cafe's Sarah Booth and Julia Dunne share a recipe they learned from Nayran Tabiei, cooking teacher at Free to Feed, a pop-up cooking school in Melbourne taught by refugees and asylum seekers. The recipe? Nayran's Tas Kebab – originating in Turkey, over the centuries it's a dish that has made its way across the region and appears here with a Syrian twist.

Vegetable Tempura

Sometimes the best meals are the most fleeting. You know the ones – when you don't even have time to sit at the table and end up devouring the meal over the kitchen bench. In our latest Home Made instalment, Julia Busuttil Nishimura (of slow food blog OSTRO) uses fresh spring vegetables and the perfect batter to create her take on vegetable tempura in a matter of minutes.

Offal, weeds, waste: Cooking with TOME

Late last year Jonny Kirk and Emily Wong of Melbourne design studio TERRA FODA launched their TOME project – a design experiment exploring the idea of the 'subnatural' in food, which manifested in a series of private dinners in Jonny's Brunswick bungalow.

Pizza fritta

While studying in the Florentine and Tuscan countryside, Julia Busuttil Nishimura learnt a thing or two about slow food. Here she shares a classic recipe for pan-fried pizzette – a simple yet delectable treat for even the most fervent of pizza lovers.

Coconut, Tahini and Berry Cake

Gian Manik is a Melbourne-based artist and experimental foodie with fair trade chocolatiers, Loving Earth. No matter how sparse or strange the contents of his fridge, Gian has the documented ability to turn disparate ingredients into culinary magic. Sarah Booth shares her housemate Gian's recipe for a coconut-infused, under-an-hour cake.

Edible only: the community garden

Kate Rhodes is co-curator at RMIT Design Hub, a purpose-built space dedicated to design thinking across research, exhibition and critique. When not striding the halls of the glacial Sean Godsell/Peddle Thorp building, Kate observes a cycle of a very different nature: the seasonal changes of her 8m2 kitchen garden plot at the North Fitzroy Community Rushall Garden. Here, Kate shares her gardening tips.

French Onion Soup with Gruyere Toasts

Julia Busuttil Nishimura's slow food blog, Ostro, is a beautiful archive of dishes lovingly created by her hand. Here she shares with us a dish she's inherited from her mother (and to which she's given her own unique twist) – a classic French Onion Soup.

Roadhouse Sauerkraut

Liam Flanagan, master alchemist and part-owner of The Roadhouse in Byron Bay, has ‘the full radish’ on all things lacto-fermented and for this week's Home Made, he passes on a liver-soothing cabbage-kraut recipe to get you through an entire winter.

Andrzej’s Pork & Pineapple

Andrzej Nowicki is a Melbourne-based, Polish-born, South Africa-raised artist and the initiator of Grey Eye Society. He is also an incredible cook and captivating storyteller. We entreated him to exercise both these skills for Assemble Papers and he treated us to Pork & Pineapple – the modestly named Nowicki family recipe that has its origins in communist Poland

String garden by Pop Plant

Andy (Maxi) Walker & Gabriela Holland are the green thumbs behind Pop Plant, specialists in practical indoor plants for city dwellers. In 2012, the pair settled in Melbourne and have since built a name for their playful, savvy approach to urban gardening. No backyard, no dramas! Follow their step-by-step guide to create a serene string garden for your own home.

The People’s Pancetta

If you're a 'meat in moderation' kind of person – as with any food – home made trumps processed stuff any day. Here, Pino shares a family fave, the People's Pancetta. For this, all you need is time, simple, good quality ingredients and a cool nook in a laundry or pantry. Avert your eyes if you are vegetarian – in coming weeks we promise more herbivore recipes to cater to every stomach.

Pasta Parmiggiana

Introducing our new extra Home Made, recipes for living from handy individuals and creative folk who have a flair for ‘homegrown’ ingenuity. This week, our Pino shares a family favourite, a rustic recipe immortalised in his dad's cookbook 'Preserving the Italian Way'. In the spirit of 'spreading the love', we'll feature more Papa Demaio specials from time to time for you to try at home.