Occasional photos of interesting views as snapped by guest artists from Australia and abroad.

Japan: surface simplicity

Photographer Morgan Hickinbotham works across the fashion, design, architecture and commercial spheres. Seeing and thinking in sound and vision, he also makes music and video art. He is interested in the aesthetic of imperfection, or, as he says, “the minor narratives that are otherwise locked up inside the bigger picture.” Here he shares this series shot across seasons and emotions, in Japan.

Everyday monuments: Madrid

For graduate architect and writer Amelyn Ng, the streets of Madrid have "a quiet magnetism that is hard to explain. Not in the city’s tourist or retail attractions, to which most visitors flock, but in its ‘in-between’ spaces or rhythms of the everyday." Back from an architectural study tour of the city, Amelyn shares this psychogeographic portrait of Spain's capital.

Ngurra, Wanga

Three years ago, photographer Tim Hillier began documenting Indigenous Hip Hop Projects as they toured their youth cultural programs throughout regional and remote Australian communities. Since then, he's been behind the lens watching young people dance, paint, perform and find a voice for each of their unique stories – and in doing so, has been adding to his own.

Cycling the city: CMWC 2015

In 2008, photographer Sam Wong met Tai Bell on the corner of Swanston and Little Collins Streets “where b-boys gather to hang out each weekend. I knew nothing about him until recently, when he invited me to photograph the 2015 Cycle Messenger World Championship in Melbourne.” Here, Sam shares his on-the-ground images while Tai reflects on his passion for this global two-wheeled gathering.


Sarah Pannell is an Australian documentary photographer with a case of wanderlust. Schooled in international relations, Sarah first picked up a camera while studying in the Netherlands. The urge to explore never left—since 2008, Sarah’s kept off the beaten track to capture the strange, humorous and poetic. She shares this series of wild blues and solitude, shot while journeying through the Balkan Peninsula.

Myrtle Beach

June Canedo is a Brooklyn-based photographer who was born to Brazilian parents and raised in both America and Brazil. Her recent work is a contemporary take on the genre of portraiture through the medium of film photography. Working in series, she attempts to bring her personal experiences, the subject, and the audience together. Here's one she shot last summer on hot sands of South Carolina.

George Byrne: LA Story

Upon moving to LA, Australian photographer and musician George Byrne discovered a passion for documenting his new surrounds through the limited parameters of Instagram. These images of spontaneous composition reflect his quest for the perfect balance of style and substance – with brilliant blue skies, painted walls and passersby the preferred subjects for his particular LA story.

A Place to Break in the Movement of the Crowd

Talking civic spaces and 'the space between' we asked Rafaela Pandolfini to turn her lens to people using public areas. Leaning, lounging, perching, conversing – the moments captured are a tale of two cities and the collective personalities of their inhabitants. Where in the past Rafaela has observed the movement of the crowd, now she discovers where we find a place to break in it.

Independent Photography Festival 2014

In the short time since its 2012 inception, the Independent Photography Festival, has managed to establish itself as one of the most exciting photographic events in the country. Submissions for the 2014 IPF Photo Prize are currently open, and will be until Monday, October 13th. Don't be shy getting your snaps in either – day trippers and sometime-snappers are as welcome as those who live their life through a lens.

Melbourne above

Tom Blachford is a photographer whose lens is intrinsically drawn to detail and pattern. Driven by travel and discovery, recent projects have turned his eye to the modernist homes of Palm Springs at moonlight and the Mayan ruins of the Yucatán. Here he shares a series he shot from a chopper one simmering day last summer – a telling portrayal of our home city from 1000ft above.

Basking and bathing

Natalie Nikitovic is photographer with a talent for capturing the unexpectedly intimate. Originally from Melbourne and now based in Sydney, Natalie’s recent work is most concerned with people and places. Testament to the sands and shores of her current home and beyond, here she shares a series that was taken over one long and sweaty summer, so hot that the batteries in the shell of her camera had melted.

Left Field

Ben Clement is a Melbourne-based photographic artist, originally hailing from New Zealand. His specialty is ‘leftfield’ portraiture and fashion photography, shooting a mixture of subjects and genres with an engaging, curious and honest view. Between working across commissions and his own personal and collaborative projects, Ben's always roaming with one or two cameras in hand.

Movement of the crowd

Photographer Rafaela Pandolfini naturally looks to the movement of the crowd in places where people are preoccupied with carrying out contemporary rituals. Art openings, parties, clubs, the beach and the park. Her interest is in the way people move together or alone, their shapes and patterns against vast or modest backgrounds. Their objects, their dress, and what they use and discard.

LA in Black and White

Jessica Comingore is a multifaceted creative creature living and working in Los Angeles. She is a lover of hiking, the great outdoors and thoughtful conversations and always makes a point of toting her camera with her whenever she is out and about. In her series, "LA in BW" she captures the quieter, reflective side of Los Angeles, through the eyes of a true Angeleno.

Light leaks

Tim Hillier is a keen observer based in Melbourne. He shoots photos and films for musicians (Super Wild Horses, Dick Diver, The Twerps), designers (Kloke, Beci Orpin), even comedians (Arj Barker) and politicians (Stephanie Hodgins-May). An avid cycler and skateboarder, here he shares "Light Leaks", a personal project captured on the streets of China, Australia and Montenegro.

Laurent Lafolie

James Geer is a much sought-after photographer whose love of sunshine and beauty has seen him travel the world, shooting pictures for publications and brands such as Monocle, Habitus, Gourmet Traveller, Levis and Hermes (just to name a few!). He has a real eye for portraiture and some of his more famous sitters have included Geoffrey Rush, Kimbra, Julia DeVille and Rose Byrne.

Papaya and lime, coconut and fish

Rafaela Pandolfini is a lover. A lady armed with a camera, on a mission to capture beauty. With an eye for detail, Rafaela searches out ritual in contemporary life, from the everyday to the ceremonial, from the spirituality of temples to the late-night paganism of a sweaty dance floor. Here, Rafaela shares selected images from her 'Sri Lanka on film' series, shot on a honeymoon of sorts.


Danish artist, director and scenographer Sidsel Becker shares her series of photographs shot at nightfall in Copenhagen. The intimate, peeping Tom-esque photos grace the cover of 'NNV Korridors', an anthology of writing by poets and authors from the Nørrebro and Northwest area. Her keen eyes see well in the dark. Below, she shares some insights on what nightfall holds.


Jess Brent uses old-school film and plastic cameras. An explorer of food and form, Jess is the co-editor of Condiment magazine and one of the multi-talented Sibling collective. We've admired her pictures, exercises in vernacular beauty, for a long time. Here are some recent selections by Jess from her eyes to yours.