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Gig Workers & Home Consumers

The gig economy is here to stay. Convenience is comfort for many, but how are the people working for that convenience faring?Now more than ever, our lives are being delivered at all hours, mostly by gig workers and facilitated by the digital platforms built and run by multi-national corporations. Exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic, a […]

Together Apart: Isolation Tales

Melbourne’s stringent lockdowns last year affected all of us in different ways. In the space of time between the first and second series of lockdowns, and when it was safe to do so, photographer Bri Hammond visited residents in public housing in Collingwood and Richmond to hear how they were faring in isolation. Each person […]

Essential Service

In recent years, regular outdoor food markets have popped up in Melbourne’s metropolitan suburbs, supporting regional farmers and local communities. At the end of August last year, organisers of these markets found themselves faced with an unexpected predicament. Under stringent COVID-19 restrictions, the Victorian State Government announced that farmers markets were no longer deemed an […]

Treading Lightly: Prototyping Brunswick’s Public Space

Across Brunswick, the ghosts of industries past collide with new forms of cultural production. Artists, designers and creators of all types work out of large factories; their workshops, spilling out onto the street, create a neighbourhood in motion. But as in all suburbs, progress here is inevitable. The question is, how can Brunswick change without […]