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#2: The Space Between

Taking cues from MPavilion and what it means for Melbourne, AP#2 is curated around the theme ‘The Space Between’ – celebrating small footprint living beyond good design of buildings to the “choreography” of the public areas that surround them.

Crowdfunding and couchsurfing: the rise of collaborative consumption

What do car-sharing, Etsy, community supported agriculture, Facebook, Airbnb, co-housing, co-working, social lending, crowdfunding and couch surfing have in common? Tim Riley takes us on a tour of collaborative consumption, an emerging social trend that TIME magazine has called one of the ten ideas that will change the world.

Event Horizon: Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae thrives on inside-outness. A self-described and now world-renowned ‘body architect’, her projects straddle the worlds of design, fashion, art, film, product design and performance – ambiguous, avant-garde forays to the event horizon between near and distant futures.

On simplicity

Opening in Milan next week, 'The Other Hemisphere' invites designers to respond to the theme of ‘Simplified’, prompting the design of an object that, by nature of approach or aesthetic, is as simple and uncomplicated as possible. In the spirit of collaboration, we asked 'The Other Hemisphere' designers and curators to help us cross-pollinate ideas relating to simplicity.

Surface Encounters: The Whitmans

Doyens of style, much revered hosts, sisters, and (most of all) best friends, Pollyanna and Phoebe Whitman are formidable forces in the Melbourne creative world. Together with two dear friends (Tom and Hannes) and perpetual puppy Hugo, they live in the NMBW-designed 'Fitzroy Apartments' on Kerr Street. Olga Bennett pays a home visit.

Concrete Jungles

There is a common misconception that experiencing and interacting with nature requires us to retreat from the urban environment. Here Asha Bee Abraham challenges this perception, revealing the 'other natures' that necessarily exist inside our cities, the importance to our wellbeing in connecting to them, and the simple ways we can do so on a daily basis.

Charalambous Hardware on Sydney Road

Our latest 'Back to the Future' adventure takes us to 52 year-old family-run Brunswick establishment Charalambous Hardware, a much-loved Sydney Road stalwart that has gone the distance despite the emergence of competing hardware chains nearby. A regular Charalambous customer, Daniel Aulsebrook dropped by for a chat with Stan Charalambous to hear a few stories from his many years on the scene.

Dom’s Juke Joint

Dominic Bourke is a teacher, poet, builder and musician. Now based in Beijing with his wife, Celeste, and two children Luella and Raphael, he reflects upon the Strathewen Juke Joint he has (temporarily) left behind – a retreat he built himself using reclaimed materials following the devastation of the Black Saturday fires.

Andrzej’s Pork & Pineapple

Andrzej Nowicki is a Melbourne-based, Polish-born, South Africa-raised artist and the initiator of Grey Eye Society. He is also an incredible cook and captivating storyteller. We entreated him to exercise both these skills for Assemble Papers and he treated us to Pork & Pineapple – the modestly named Nowicki family recipe that has its origins in communist Poland

Lightbox House

Edwards Moore's Lightbox House is a particularly ingenious rendition of a traditional single storey terrace in Carlton North, making it one of our favourite Less Is More-leaning projects on our home turf. Replacing the interior boxiness with a central landscape suffused with light is a seemingly difficult task, but one which the architect duo rose to with ease and aplomb.

The Purple Rose of Cairo

The 1930s Best Overend-designed Cairo Building on Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, is an example of minimal living mastery that inaugurated our This Vertical Life column in 2012, with an article that reflected on the modernist apartment building through the eyes of former residents looking back fondly.


Best known for his later work on the Victorian Arts Centre and National Gallery, it was between 1939 and 1941 architect Roy Grounds finessed his trademark Modernist style on a series of apartment buildings in and around Melbourne's inner southern suburbs. James Stephens and James Geer explore one of the most iconic, Toorak's Moonbria, an ode to Grounds' enduring architectural legacy.

The Great Apartment Design Debate

Assemble directors, Ben, Pino and Quino, contribute to the current debate on Victorian apartment design standards by taking a look at the history of apartments in Melbourne, the current market dynamics, the impact of regulation in NSW and the potential impact of those standards here in VIC. This is a vital debate for our city and one which we encourage everyone to participate in.

Inside the Public Loop: An interview with David Gianotten of OMA

David Gianotten is a partner in the Rem Koolhaas-founded global architecture and urbanism practice OMA, leading their large portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region. Quino Holland (co-Director of Assemble and its associated architecture company Fieldwork) caught up with David to discuss the role of architects in not only designing buildings but also the space between them.


This week Melbourne welcomed the inaugural MPavilion architectural commission to its Queen Victoria Gardens. This unique and site-specific structure, represents a new conversation around cultural philanthropy and public spaces. It's also going to be a fantastic place from which to enjoy the warm months ahead.

Rob Adams: Urban Choreographer

While a city might be famous for the shape of its skyline or the height of its buildings, the life of a city is created and lived, for the most part, in the spaces between. Mitra Anderson-Oliver speaks with Director of City Design, Professor Rob Adams, to understand the forces that have shaped these spaces in Melbourne.

A Place to Break in the Movement of the Crowd

Talking civic spaces and 'the space between' we asked Rafaela Pandolfini to turn her lens to people using public areas. Leaning, lounging, perching, conversing – the moments captured are a tale of two cities and the collective personalities of their inhabitants. Where in the past Rafaela has observed the movement of the crowd, now she discovers where we find a place to break in it.

Assemble Papers issue #2: The Space Between

Welcome to Issue 2 of Assemble Papers in print. This edition is inspired by Melbourne’s new public architecture commission, MPavilion – initiated by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation – with Sean Godsell’s inaugural form soon to be revealed amidst the lush foliage of Queen Victoria Gardens.