Transitions: Assemble Papers #11 and Launch Party

When: 23 May 2019
Where: Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
How much: Free
More info: Transitions: Assemble Papers Issue #11

Assemble Papers issue 11 is hot off the press! Themed ‘transitions’, this issue explores aspects of our society that are undergoing change; from the transition to renewable energy, to the impact of climate change and how we think about education.

Tackling the urgent problems of our time requires new ways of thinking: our decisions and actions must come from a place of altruism, rather than self interest. In this issue we connect with thinkers across disciplines who are urging us to see things differently. Prof Lesley Lokko tackles the hard work of decolonising architecture education; designer Mary Featherston has made the critique of learning environments her life’s work; and photographer and dancer Gregory Lorenzutti writes about converting his bare backyard into a flourishing urban farm. Also featured is an interview with Naomi Milgrom of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, the folks who bring you the Living Cities Forum and MPavilion each year.

To celebrate Transitions, we invite you to join us at Horse Bazaar on Thursday 23 May. Keep an eye on our stockists page to see where you can pick up a copy!

[Main image: Assemble Papers issue #11. Photo by Henry Trumble]