Tom Ross: ‘Idols’

When: Opening Thu 14 Apr, 6–9pm
Where: Activity Club, 203 Johnston St, Collingwood
How much: Free

Melbourne photographer (and frequent Assemble Papers contributor) Tom Ross presents a new exhibition titled Idols. Ross spent time in the Gulf States in 2015, with Idols the result of 10 large-format photographs taken in Doha, Qatar. Tom is an accomplished photographer, specialising in architectural photography and photo essays as well as commercial work. This new exhibition represents an ongoing interest of Tom’s with the rise and fall of townships, communities and cities.

As Tom describes: “The future races towards this desert faster than most places on earth. As bright screens herald new idols, the books that have guided the people of Qatar for so long look dog-eared and tired now. With infinite means, and a global audience on the way, their new world is built quickly on a hazy horizon.”

Original image: Taken from ‘Idols’, photo by Tom Ross.