The Royal Children’s Hospital: Our Places / Our Spaces

When: 11 August – 31 October
Where: Online
How much: Free!
More info: The Royal Children’s Hospital Archives and Collections website

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) archives and collections form a large and fascinating record of the history of an Australian paediatric institution. Spanning 150 years, the collections comprise photographs, films, ephemera and equipment, which convey the hospital’s beginnings, growth and innovations.

Their exhibition titled Our Places / Our Spaces is a chronological exploration of the RCH campuses throughout the hospital’s 150-year history. Presented in five parts – from the formative years on Stephen Street, where the hospital began with six cots and a rented house; to Royal Park, Parkville where in 1963 the architects Stephenson and Turner constructed a modernist hospital. The exhibition brings to light how space and environment affects our experience and interactions with a health care setting, and how the needs of staff and patients influence the hospital’s architecture and design.

[Image: Ormond Ward in Carlton, Princess May Pavilion, circa 1915. Courtesy of The Royal Children’s Hospital Archives and Collections.]