The Festival of Urbanism: Cities, Housing and Health

When: 2 September - 12 September
Where: Various locations across Melbourne and Sydney
How much: Free
More info: Festival of Urbanism website

The ways we plan and build our cities and the ways we design, construct and maintain our dwellings have a significant impact on contemporary health and wellbeing. In Australia, collaboration between the built environment and health professionals is increasing, but there is still a long way to go.

The Festival of Urbanism is a two-week program across Monash University in Melbourne and the The University of Sydney, offering a myriad of events engaging with the issue of urban health. Through a series of reciprocal discussions with industry professionals and community leaders, the festival contemplates the question: ‘what is the city but the people?’ Discussion topics include: planning and the alcohol industry, the challenge of healthy housing for all, the urban planner of the future, living in the music city, indigenous housing, the future of industrial lands, equity and accessibility, post industrial vacancy and more.

[Image: courtesy of The Festival of Urbanism]