The Ethics of Design panel

When: Thur 12 March, 6-7pm
Where: RMIT Design Hub, 515-517 Swanston St, Melbourne
How much: Free
More info: on.fb.me

At its best, design gives us access to a better world: good design promotes efficiency, sustainability and perhaps even delight for those who experience it through living or usage. But designers are also decision-makers who must choose who they work for, what kinds of products they design and how they design it. What happens when design is used to kill? Should we celebrate designers with ethical blindspots? How should a designer approach a brief to design a potentially harmful product? To what extent should designers be held accountable for the real world applications and consequences of their designs?

On Thursday 12 March, Assemble Papers will be convening a panel discussion on the Ethics of Design in an attempt to tackle some of these questions.

Speakers include:
Philippa Abbott – designer and founder, A&D Projects
Ewan McEoin – Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at the NGV / Founder of Field Institute (food lab)
Robert Sparrow – philosopher, bioethics and applied ethics, Australian Research Council “Future Fellow”

Eugenia Lim & Rachel Elliot-Jones – Assemble Papers

The Ethics of Design panel runs as part of the wider programme of talks associated with the Remote Controlled Terrorist Coffin.

Original image by Future Living Studio, Hanoi (Tran Hoang, Nguyen Ha Phuong, Nguyen Thi Thu, Philippa Abbott, Michael Schuster, Audrey Charles, Astrid Hauton).