When: 23-25 August
Where: Arts Centre Melbourne
How much: See website for details
More info: Supersense

Supersense: Festival of the Ecstatic is a three-day durational festival of ritual, music, cross-disciplinary and radical performance. The curator Sophia Brous, Australian New York-based performer and curator, says: “The festival is a journey into our human pursuit for ecstasy and release.”

Full programs include MAXIMAL (described as dazzling and dizzying) and MINIMAL (described as deep listening, contemplation and wonder). The festival is rich in dance pieces exploring the mystic tradition, ranging from traditional tribal and ritualistic dance in the works of Rianto and Kimberly Bartosik, to the mid-century chance-based choreographies of Merce Cunningham, restaged for Melbourne. Our personal highlight is poet, visual artist, musician and activist Moor Mother (Camae Ayewa). Hailing from Philadelphia, Moor Mother and her partner Rasheedah Phillips have created Black Quanturm Futurism, an offshoot of the radical aesthetic philosophy Afrofuturism, which stresses the healing and connecting potential of emergent technologies.

Most of the immersive, sensory performances of the festival are set within the underground spaces of Melbourne’s Arts Centre.

[Main image: Moor Mother. Photo by Melanie Marson, courtesy of Supersense]