Still Life: Katherine Brickman

When: 5 February - 7 March
Where: Lamington Drive Gallery, 52 Budd St, Collingwood, Melbourne
How much: Free!
More info: Lamington Drive website

Lamington Drive Gallery presents Still Life, the debut solo exhibition of Sydney based illustrator Katherine Brickman (aka Greedy Hen).

Katherine is well known for the posters and album artwork she’s created over the years for different Australian bands and music festivals. Her collage approach is always playful and sometimes moody, “the key to a really successful illustration is creating something that is visually glorious that the viewer can also spend a lot of time pondering.”

Still Life is a meditation on the unusual beauty in everyday clutter, imagined landscapes, playful surrealist humour and the joy of breakfast.

[Image: courtesy of Lamington Drive Gallery]