Spaced Apart

When: 26 May - 30 June
Where: Online
How much: Free!
More info: Spaced Apart website

Spaced Apart is an online design, art, photography and sound symposium initiated by Melbourne creative practice U-P. The symposium aims to bring us closer together while we are spaced apart.

Spaced Apart speaks to the importance of maintaining social connection and solidarity in the face of crises, and the importance of continuing culture and supporting the creative arts. The symposium will bring together a series of live presentations from local and international creatives, providing audiences with cultural and social stimulation in a time of global lockdown. In reflecting on their work, presenters are invited to contemplate themes of solitude and togetherness, loneliness and sociability, and how these states of being might inform the process of creation. Live-streamed via the Spaced Apart website, the free online platform aims to provide an accessible, interactive space for sharing ideas; a space to realise new modes of digital and remote creative collaboration and exchange – one that will have ongoing relevance beyond the current pandemic.

[Image: James Goggin, Tutti a Tavola, David Kohn Architects, Milan, 2010]