Rain Room

Where: Jackalope Pavilion, Cnr Acland and Jackson Street, St Kilda
How much: $18.90 - $31.10, $88.70 for a family ticket
More info: Rain Room

It is an amplified experience of a natural event: 100 square metres of intense rainfall, locked inside a black box. Rain Room’s clever engineering lets the audience control the indoor ‘weather’, with motion sensors activating and de-activating the rain. Brought to Melbourne by Jackalope and ACMI, this miraculous art installation is the first work of London-and-Berlin-based Random International to be presented in Australia.

The work engages all senses, creating an environment both intense and soothing. “It’s an artwork that you inhabit,” say Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass, the creative engineers behind Random International. “Each iteration of the work has been altered in some intangible way by the space and context in which it has been shown, whether through the scent of the water, the fabric of the architecture, or the behaviour of the public.”

Final thought to ponder: the 2,200 litres of water that circulate through the artwork, getting endlessly purified and recycled, are the equivalent of the amount of water it takes to produce one hamburger.

[Main image: Rain Room, installation view, Jackalope Pavilion, St Kilda. Photo by Tom Ross]