Queensland’s Natural Wonders: Photography Awards

When: Entire close 15 May
Where: Online
How much: $25
More info: Queensland Conservation website

Photography has long been an essential tool for protecting our natural environment. Images of environmental devastation arouse public anger, while photos of adorable or amazing native creatures inspire us to protect their habitat.

With that in mind, the Queensland Conservation Council has launched its annual photography awards celebrating everyday photographers who capture the state’s natural beauty. With social distancing rules limiting movements, QCC is encouraging people to explore past photographs or capture the beauty of everyday surroundings whilst exercising in the local environment. Entries are due by 15 May and will be judged by three eminent photographers and conservationists including Steven Nowakowski, Kerry Trapnell and Sarah Moles. Categories include land and seascapes, native plants and wildlife, smartphone and a Junior Wonders Award. For those with little ones at home, this is a great opportunity to get creative and talk about the environment – happy snapping!

The competition costs $25 to enter and all proceeds go towards the conservation efforts of QCC. The winners will be announced on World Environment Day 5 June and there are a bunch of amazing prizes on offer!

[Image: courtesy of Queensland Conservation]