Porosity Kabari

When: Fri 9 Jun – Sun 9 Jul
Where: Nishi Gallery, 17 Kendall Lane, Canberra ACT
How much: Free!
More info: Hotel Hotel

Porosity Kabari is the result of an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, collaborative project between Australian object designer Trent Jansen, artist/architect Richard Goodwin and Indian design thinker Ishan Khosla. Presented by our pals over at Hotel Hotel, the exhibition showcases furniture and object pieces made by the three creators in just three weeks, from materials and craftsmanship sourced exclusively from the ‘Chor Bazaar’ (thieves market) and ‘Kabari Bazaars’ (junk markets) in Mumbai, India.

‘Porosity’ refers to the ability of a membrane or material to let liquid and gases pass through it (or in this case, ideas and people), while ‘Kabari’ is the Hindi word for ‘junk’. The markets engaged with for this project are where so many of India’s useful objects end up. It’s also where they are often given a second life – car panels are turned into adhoc cookers, while old clothing is quilted into rugs for snake charmers. The three designers took inspiration from the vendors and craftspeople in these markets, learning by listening to and conversing with the stallholders who frequent them.

At its core, Porosity Kabari is about the process of making something new out of something old – the essence of sustainable design.