MSDx 2020

When: 16 July - 25 November
Where: Online
How much: Free!
More info: Melbourne School of Design website

This year the Melbourne School of Design exhibition will be held virtually, showcasing hundreds of student works and offering a glimpse into future innovations of the built environment.

How we live together is being dramatically transformed. MSDx showcases the imagination and innovation of the next generation of built environment professionals, as they explore how communities, cities and environments change and co-exist. Works range from highly speculative propositions to more practice-oriented efforts, from small design interventions to large urban proposals. The virtual experience will allow the viewer to explore each studio’s carefully curated digital exhibition spaces through interactive digital environments, videos, images, digital models, plans, virtual fly-throughs, renders and artworks. “We are framing design not simply as a collection of professions, disciplines or techniques, but as a vantage on the world from which things can be seen and achieved,” says Melbourne School of Design Director, Professor Alan Pert.

[Image: MECHROPOLIS, sectional drawing, Jenny Naing]