MPavilion: December Round-up

When: 5 April 2020 – 5 April 2021
How much: Free!
More info: MPavilion program

The December line-up at MPavilion is chockablock with thought-provoking talks, workshops, kid-friendly activities and performances, all guided by the theme ‘IRL: Exploring Social Space’, and free! To help you craft your itinerary, and to ease you through to the end of the silly season, here’s our top picks:

Dance at MPavilion Docklands: Open House with Chunky Move

Tuesday 14 December, 6:30 – 7:30pm

Join Chunky Move teacher and performer Jayden Wall for a House dance class that’s perfect for all levels of dance experience. Based around House dance and music, the class will include a breakdown of particular grooves, as well as steps and techniques that are used within the House style. More info here.

Blakitecture: Pulse Check

Tuesday 15 December, 1 – 3pm

The years continue on, but has the conversation? This yarn between Maori and Aboriginal Australian built environment practitioners will reflect on how—or if—the ‘Indigenous Architecture’ conversation has changed in recent years, and considers what conversations need to happen now, and in the future. More info here.

AM:PM Run Crew

Tuesday 15 December/Tuesday 22 December, 6:30 – 7:30pm

Get your running shoes on and explore the city with AM:PM.RC, a local running crew bursting at the seams with creative people who love to collaborate, learn and enjoy Melbourne through running. The crew is made of professionals in many creative industries, including architecture, planning, industrial design, photography, psychology, fashion, art, accounting and more. More info here.

Rethinking the Tram Stop in Melbourne’s City

Friday 18 December, 1 – 2pm

What can tram stops do when nobody is using them? Addressing the reuse of existing urban infrastructure, SLAB—a collective of student landscape architects from RMIT University—consider a new design process for climate and pandemic emergencies. More info here.

MPavilion Summer Reading List

Thursday 31 December, 9am – 10pm

Each month, a guest curator from across the globe calls upon their wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer a personalised snapshot of what the seasonal theme of MPavilion means to them. The offering could be books, articles, podcasts or music albums—whatever they wish to share with the MPavilion community. More info here.

[Image: Lukas White Photography, Dance at MPavilion Docklands: Open House with Chunky Move]