Mere Mortals: A Series of Works

When: 7 November - 3 December 2018
Where: Arts House and surrounding locations
How much: See website for details
More info: Arts House

Death is an uncomfortable topic for many people; therefore, it is often avoided in conversation. Through a series that includes theatre, music and installations, Arts House is bringing the topic of death and dying into the open through Mere Mortals, running from 7 November – 3 December.

Across the month, people can take part in a vigil, talk about cancer over dinner, learn about the ‘death industry’ from an ex-funeral director and even check into an infirmary. For those inclined to more internal reflections, audio piece ‘Bushland‘ will be something of a meditative experience, connecting participants to the biochemical processes after death and takes place outside, at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The series is highly diverse in terms of how the topics are addressed, so we recommend taking a look at the full program to find something that suits you.

Main image: Bushland, by Paul Blakemore