Memory Mixtape

When: 3 August, 2-4pm, then until 29 September 2019
Where: Koorie Heritage Trust, Level 2 Project Space, Federation Square, Melbourne
How much: Free!
More info: Koorie Heritage Trust

Writer and educator Neika Lehman (Trawlwoolway, north-east Tasmania) has curated a line-up of films for Koorie Heritage Trust focusing on one of the strongest links joining up Blak cinema: memory. Australian First Nations people speak of tending to ‘memory work’: talking to Country, entering archives, sharing family stories, continuing cultural practices, or speaking oral histories when truths must be acknowledged. Film is a powerful mechanism of memory: it gets stories across, sometimes to move hearts, sometimes as evidence in court. Either way, we make sense of the present through the ever-present past.

Memory Mixtape focuses on films that contest official histories, celebrate ancestral embodiment, and are documents for change.

The exhibition will open on Saturday 3 August, 2-4pm, with refreshments and live music.