Matters Journal pre-sale

When: Pre-sale available now - Issue #1 shipping February!
How much: Matters Journal Issue #1 (presale): $14.00 (plus postage) – 12 month subscriptions and digital gift cards also available!
More info: Matters Journal Shop

Matters Journal is a new weekly digital and biannual print publication connecting socially responsible people with businesses and brands who are doing good. Using storytelling to share interdisciplinary stories from the worlds of arts, design, technology, health, food and the environment, we love their approach to exploring the interconnected nature of our world and how we impact it through our daily lives.

Matters Journal Print Issue #1 is set to ship in February 2018 and we’re excited to delve into far-ranging topics including urban agriculture, future living, synthetic meat, ethical fashion and the applications of virtual reality technology in hospitals. We’re eager to see the full print issues after reading (and re-reading) our copy of Mini Matters!

Matters Journal are currently offering a pre-sale option for Issue #1 shipping in February 2018, a 12 month subscription of the journal (Issues #1 (Feb) and #2 (Aug), as well as gift options for one or both issues. It’s the perfect gift for the socially conscientious person in your life (or for yourself!). Head over to the Matters Journal website for further details.

Main image: Mini Matters, courtesy Matters Journal.